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  • MOC Baseball Field

    Posted on 6 Oct 2013 01:22

    Just a little background, I have a master building plan of making a LEGO Baseball Stadium.  The inspiration of building it comes from my love of playing and watching baseball.  In my four years at George Fox Unversity, I had the privledge of playing on the team all of those years.  My baseball career as since finished and now to keep it going, I have decided to turn it into an MOC.

    The biggest challenges I have faced with this MOC is both time and space.  Time has been the toughest, but I have been able to make up for space by building the field and stadium modularly using the MILS system discussed in Hispabrick.  If you have not read it, I highly recomend it for any type of large MOCing.

    I am far from being done with this project but I did want to share a few progress pictures.  I'll continue to use the blog to keep updates on the field/stadium!

    More pictures can be seen by following my flickr set:


    Thank you for stopping by!